Blue Seven - Blue Seven


In Spring/Summer 2019, the BLUE SEVEN Kids' Collections will be taking you on a grand tour. Desert motifs, floral prints and casual details set the holiday mood. Splashes of colour add excitement to the individual themes.


BLUE SEVEN BLUE appears playful and romantic this season, in two large and two small series. A concentrated sports range is another essential this season. BLUE SEVEN Women stands out this season with five classic, high-quality yet fashionable series. A top priority was to make sure that the separates in the different series can also be combined with each other.


As usual, the BLUE SEVEN Men's Collection is divided into CASUAL and CLASSIC lines. Relaxed, sporty elements unite the two CASUAL series. Colours such as rosewood and aqua-turquoise add freshness and energy. The CLASSIC line of the BLUE SEVEN Men's Collection and the CASUAL series are evenly matched when it comes to making a fashion statement. Graphic all-over prints and high-quality details are the hallmarks of both themes.