Kids - Blue Seven

KIDS / GIRLS 92-128 (2-8 Y)


In "RAINBOW SQUAD", rainbow mania makes a reappearance. Tops that glow in the dark are the main attraction of this series. Neon colours send out the right signals with anthracite and melange-grey. Colour accents come from contrasting cuffs, shaded slogans and the use of shimmering rainbow foil. Side seams on sleeves and trousers are decorated with printed rep ribbon. A pleated skirt with glitter waistband is another must-have here.


Strong red stands out in the fond "LOVE BUGS" theme in the form of ladybirds and little hearts. Restrained prints on tops attract the eye to new balloon-style sleeve designs. Details such as elaborately applied beads adorn denim shorts or are shaped into cute little slogans. Reversible sequins already made their mark in the previous season, but give an essential twist to the knitted ladybird dress.


The feel-good principle takes centre stage in "GONNA YELLOW". Cheerful slogans, mirrored and turned over, create a great mood. All-over daisy prints on smock dresses, dungaree skirts and shorts give this sporty theme a playful touch. Trendy colour contrasts are created by the interplay of strong yellow and melange-grey.


Roller skate prints and high-density retro-style patching on trendy candy shades create a zingy summer feeling in "ROLL UP". The favourite here is a top with a printed popcorn cone, with the popcorn sewn on in a 3D look. To go with this, denim styles come in light washes, and the front zip fastener gives the denim jacket a girlish charm.

KIDS / BOYS 92-128 (2-8 Y)


Lion, tiger and gorilla prints help everyone to go wild in "STAY WILD". Some of them even glow in the dark! Fake camouflage, safari-style trousers and tops and an outdoor jacket in brilliant apple green are easily their equal. So-called "scribbled prints" create the impression that they've just been written. Strong ocean blue is just as attractive in this series as khaki and apple green.


The styles in the "SPORTS LEAGUE" series can look sporty or classic, depending on how they are combined. A polo shirt with melange yoke and college prints can be worn casually with denim-look shorts or combined with dark blue bermudas with an all-over print for a more classic touch. Stripe-look cuffs, side slits on tops and rounded hems add a sporty feel.


"COOL YELLOW" is a grown-up theme. Dark grey mixed with light grey melange and yellow accents looks cool and casual. This season, the series also includes matching swimming shorts in strong yellow with stripe details, so it's easy to wear a matching top on the way to the lake. The sleeveless hoodie has caught on and has been revamped for this season.


Palms, surfboards and campers are essential in the "PARADISE CO." beach series. Positioned prints, cheerful slogans and neon accents create styles that are fresh. In sweatshirts, the fabrics are soft and the knitted cuffs are comfortable, and the outdoor jacket with original palm tree print can be relied on whatever the weather.